Shattering Myths: How Much Should You Pay for Custom Jewelry?

Shattering Myths: How Much Should You Pay for Custom Jewelry?

The question we're asked more often than any other.

How much does custom jewelry cost?

A lot of people assume that because all of our jewelry is one-of-a-kind, it must be crazy expensive.
The reality is that we are often able to deliver a better product for the same or even less money than traditional jewelers.

Set your budget

One way we do this is by establishing your comfort zone.

Because we create each piece uniquely from the ground up, knowing what you're comfortable spending allows us to design your jewelry with your needs in mind.

We can make smart choices when it comes to things like selecting materials, choosing diamond quality, and even suggesting possible alternatives to achieve your dream within your budget.

The design process isn't one-sided. We'll collaborate and discuss options with you as we go to ensure that the elements that matter most to you receive proper attention.

Get more for your money

Another big difference between J. Fox Custom and most traditional jewelers is where your money goes.

We don't have the same sort of overhead and high markups as many traditional jewelers. The largest jewelry company in America spends over half a billion dollars a year on advertising, and pays rent and utilities on nearly 3000 locations! Those expenses have to be passed on to the customers.

When you shop with us, your money isn't paying for sales commissions, million-dollar ad campaigns, or astronomical rent. That means more of YOUR money going towards YOUR piece.

The race to the bottom

We won't claim that building in the US is cheaper than overseas, or that sticking to high standards is cheaper than cutting corners. We build our pieces right, and believe that the value of a beautiful custom piece goes beyond monetary considerations. Custom jewelry embodies sentimental value, represents cherished moments, and tells personal stories.

We aren't always going to be the cheapest. Frankly, if you appreciate the sort of jewelry we make, you wouldn't want us to be!

The idea of "the race to the bottom" is that many businesses get so obsessed with being the most affordable option that they start cutting corners to get there.

We've all been to the restaurant that keeps prices the same by shrinking portions, and then by lowering food quality.

We've seen this same phenomenon happen in the jewelry industry time and again. Stores start selling hollow chains instead of solid; plated metal instead of gold; mass-manufactured instead of made-with-care. These items are cheaper, but generally break more quickly, and are often difficult or impossible to repair.

In the custom arena, many stores have begun outsourcing most or all of their work overseas to shave costs. This can make communication more difficult, and prevents much if any hands-on control of the process. Even the stores that still do some in house often build lightweight pieces with lower quality diamonds, all in the interest of keeping costs low.

Ultimately, that scenario has no winners. The store may be the cheapest, but they get there by offering a worse product. You may spend less money, but is it worth it if what you get isn't as nice, and isn't made to last?

We will never enter the race to the bottom.

The reason so many of our ads end with "you deserve the best" is that our goal has always been first and foremost to deliver quality pieces. We take pride in providing an incredible value, but we'd rather pass on a project altogether than deliver inferior quality.

So what's my piece going to cost?

Each project is unique, so before your next jewelry purchase, send us a message.

While most jewelers charge hundreds of dollars to put together professional renderings and accurate quotes, we provide that service absolutely free, so there's nothing to lose.


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