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Bespoke platinum ring with hidden halo

How should we communicate?

Please email all job submissions and questions to us at:

Emails are quick and efficient, but most importantly they create a written record so we can easily look back to find instructions, dates, and other necessary information.

What services do you offer?

We specialize in full production of custom fine jewelry. This includes:

- Computer Aided Design

- Still and Animated Renderings

- Wax Model Production

- Precious Metal Casting

- Diamond and Gem Sourcing

- Setting and Finishing

- Engraving

- Cold Enamel and Inlay

What services don't you offer?

While we are happy to send you a wax or raw casting to finish yourself, we do not currently work on, set, or finish outside waxes and castings.

We do not work on, or offer invisible setting, true tension setting, or cast-in-place.

Do you offer repair services?

Our focus is on creating custom jewelry. While we will occasionally make exceptions on a case-by-case basis, as a general rule we do not accept outside repair work from wholesale accounts.

What metals do you cast?

We currently offer:

  • 14k white, yellow, and rose gold
  • 14k Vanilla white gold
  • 18k white, and rose gold
  • 18k Rich yellow, 18k Royal yellow
  • 19k Vanilla white gold
  • Platinum 900 IR and 950 RU
  • Silver (de-ox)

Other metals such as green gold, higher karats, bronze, and palladium alloys may be available upon request.

10k is available on a case-by-case basis.

What gems do you offer?

We are happy to provide diamonds for your piece. For melee, we offer:

  • Lab grown (round and fancy)
  • Natural precision cut (round and fancy)
  • Natural ideal cut (round)

Our standard is near colorless (GHI), and true eye clean (SI+), however we are happy to provide other colors and clarities as your project requires, even up to DF/VVS+ ideal cuts!

We are also happy to provide colored diamonds (natural fancy, as well as treated), and gemstones for your projects.

Third-party stone-cutting services are available.

Will you work with my metal?

Of course!

We are happy to cast customer gold.

Customer gold is cast in its own flask, and whenever possible, we ask that you send enough metal to use for the button as well. All metal should be the same color, and ideally the same karat.

Although we have very good results overall, we are unable to guarantee porosity or casting quality when using customer materials.

We do not cast customer platinum or silver at this time.

Will you work with my stones?

Of course!

Please note that while we do try to assess and note significant chips, abrasions, etc. all customer-supplied gems are assumed to have some previous wear and tear.

Previously worn diamonds and gems will be considered set at customer's risk.

Whenever possible, we ask that you take accurate measurements of gems you will be supplying prior to the initial design work being done. Failure to do so can add days to the turnaround as we have to revise, adjust, and / or modify to accommodate.

We make every effort to handle your valuable goods with the utmost care, and to note any issues prior to setting. We do not take financial responsibility for loss or damage incurred during shipping, or for damage to customer supplied stones.

What is your pricing structure?

All jobs are priced individually, with consideration to the labor and materials involved in your unique project.

We are happy to provide you with a free estimate for your project, as well as share details about average prices, etc. privately via email.

What is your turnaround time?

It is always good to check before starting a project, but in most cases finished pieces will run 3-4 weeks from the date of approval, or from the time that we receive any parts you are supplying.

Some special services such as stone-cutting and advanced engraving may add time.

Are you up for a challenge?

We love pieces that are out of the ordinary, and are always happy to brainstorm with you to figure out how to bring a crazy creation to life!

Please keep in mind that an especially difficult or unusual project may take extra time as we figure out how it all needs to come together.

Can you copy a piece?

We love doing vintage reproduction, and bringing lost or worn out rings back to life!

We will not under any circumstances copy a trademarked or protected design unless you are able to provide written consent from the owner of said properties.

This includes recognizable brands, trademarked characters, movie props, sports teams, logos, etc.