How it Works

a woman looking at her calendar

Step 1

Schedule your free consultation

Use our easy online calendar to schedule from the comfort of your own home! We can meet in-person in our studio on Main Street in Boerne TX, or do it all over email!

A computer rendering of a six prong hidden halo ring.

Step 2

Approve a design

We'll send photo-realistic renders like the one you see here, and discuss every detail with you along the way. Once it's perfect, you let us know when to begin.

A custom hidden halo ring from the side profile.

Step 3

Wear, and enjoy

This is the fun part! 3-5 weeks after your approval, we deliver a beautiful new piece for you to put on and show off!

Warning: May cause distraction, fits of joy, and feelings of bliss.

  • It Tells Your Story

    Celebrate life's special moments, honor a loved one, or capture a memory.

  • Experience True Exclusivity

    Stand out from the crowd with one-of-a-kind jewelry made just for you!

  • Less Maintenance and Repair

    Unparalleled quality and attention to detail means less time in the shop, more time in the spotlight.

The Jewelry Experience You Deserve!

Ever feel like shopping for jewelry isn't nearly as much fun as it should be?

Many stores choose good margins over good quality, and most charge you an arm and a leg just to talk about a one-of-a-kind piece.

We provide a fun and comfortable environment where you get to take control of the design process, and call the shots yourself, all while creating beautiful custom jewelry that will last a lifetime.

Here are 5 ways we've turned the traditional jewelry experience on its head so you can stop wasting your precious time and hard-earned money, and start getting the quality you deserve.

Jake and Cami Fox at a bridal event

1. No Ego

Snobby attitudes bum us out.

When you enter our studio, you'll find an antique farm table and colorful chairs.
There's no dress code, and no minimum required reading. While the radio may play a bit of jazz, you're just as likely to hear 90s country, or pop-punk.

We see our clients as friends and neighbors - even if you're from out of town.

Custom ring with a large center diamond surrounded by aqua irradiated diamonds, and a flower motif

2. You Call the Shots

Sit down one-on-one with industry leading designers, and start your project with a conversation. Hearing your stories helps us create pieces that are unique and meaningful.

Whether you have detailed drawings, or just a vague idea, we'll put in the work to bring your dreams to life.

If the initial design isn't quite what you have in mind, you tell us what to change, and we'll make it right before ever committing to metal.

A hidden halo ring with sapphire accents

3. True Custom, Done Right

Let's be honest: Every jewelry store says they do custom, but very few are doing it right.

True Custom means we aren't ordering from a catalog, or modifying an existing piece to make your stone fit. We don't have to "wait to hear back from the designer" because we are the designers. Your piece is designed and made exclusively for you.

Done right means no cutting corners on quality. We build right here in America, using the finest materials from around the world, and are focused on making sure each detail is finished as perfectly as if we were creating the piece for ourselves.

A solitaire ring on a shell

4. Fair Prices, Exceptional Value

We always try to work within your budget. No strong-arming, or sleazy sales tactics.

Doing things right doesn't always mean cheap. Sometimes we're less expensive than the competition, sometimes we may be a little higher. What we can guarantee is that we build our pieces the way they should be made, and strive to achieve a level of quality that you won't find elsewhere.

Whether you're spending a thousand or a hundred thousand, we believe you deserve the best.

A stack of two diamond bands on a brown background

5. No Risk

We've found that over 92% of stores charge hundreds of dollars in deposits to see a render, or even get a firm quote. At J. Fox Custom, our custom consultations are absolutely FREE.

That doesn't just include a free appointment. With very few exceptions, we also include photo-realistic renders and videos at no charge so that you can see what your piece is going to look like from all angles before every spending a penny.