Custom Creation vs. Mass Manufacturing (Part 1)

Custom Creation vs. Mass Manufacturing (Part 1)

As a company that focuses almost entirely on creating custom jewelry, we have the opportunity to build some very fun and unique pieces - but a lot of what we do still falls under the category of "classic" designs: Solitaires, halos, three-stone rings, etc.

So what makes it worthwhile to custom build a style that you could find sitting in the case at most big box stores around the country?
Imagine the largest retail jewelry company in America wants to put a popular design in each of its 3000+ stores.
If they can shave just five minutes off the time it takes to produce each piece, that means they save more than 10 days of time!
That's 250 hours of paying their jewelers.
250 hours of waiting to be able to sell product and start recouping their investment.
This same economy of scale applies to materials.
If they can build a design lighter, just $5 less gold in each piece would save over $15000 on their order!
This is one reason so many mass-produced rings are made with thin and narrow bands, and dramatic hollowed areas. Saving a few grams of gold on a single piece likely wouldn't be worth the compromise in quality, but on a large order it can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit.
This is, of course, true for diamonds and other gemstones as well.
When we're building one ring, paying an extra $20, $50, even $100 is often well worth the minor expense to get the best possible look. Sometimes a few dollars is all it takes to go from dull and lifeless to beautiful and bright.
For an operation focused on making hundreds or thousands of rings at a time, these small differences ass up fast.

J. Fox Custom specializes is true custom design.
That means we aren't ordering pieces out of a catalog, or calling a factory overseas and asking for a few minor changes to a popular design.
We start every piece from the ground up, designing each element with your individual needs in mind.

While a chain store has to be focused on saving as much money as possible, even down to the last cent, our focus is on building each piece the right way. A few dollars of gold here, just a few dollars of diamonds there... These seemingly insignificant amounts really can make the difference between a ring that will be plagued with constant issues, and a ring built to stand the test of time.

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