Where We're Made

Where We're Made

Recent FTC regulations have changed who is allowed to say "Made in the USA", so we want to add a little clarification. Under current guidelines, not only must everything be crafted in the states, but all materials (including metals and stones) must come from here as well.

J. Fox Custom is proud to be designed, manufactured, and finished right here in the USA, but we are also proud to say that we have taken the time to source the best possible materials from around the world.

We pride ourselves on working with a vetted network of responsible, and quality suppliers - and while that may prevent us from using the "Made in the USA" mantra under current legalese, we believe the trade off is well worth the sacrifice.

It means we continue to work with vibrant opals from Australia, verdant tourmaline from Brazil, crystal clear diamonds from Canada, and many of the other amazing and rare materials on a daily basis.

These unique materials allow each item we create to tell its story in the most interesting and visually engaging way possible.

We love working with fellow Texans and supporting our local community here in the Texas Hill Country whenever possible; and we are deeply committed to designing and crafting our jewelry here in the states because it allows us to stay involved and be hands on. There are great artists and skilled jewelers overseas as well, however we choose to make our jewelry right here regardless of whether or not the FTC lets us use the words.

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