A Different Design Philosophy

A Different Design Philosophy

The design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works” - Steve Jobs

Few quotes so perfectly describe what separates mediocrity from excellence within our industry. While there are a handful of notable designers with unique styles and signatures; for the bulk of fine jewelry, broad appeal outweighs the avant-garde.

For each truly distinctive design we produce, there are dozens if not hundreds of pieces in between that are variations on well-established forms: Halos, three-stones, solitaires, etc.

These can, and should, still be beautiful. We can, and do, still take pride in this work. But we aren't the only company building these classic styles.


We also aren't the only company with access to fine materials.

We put a tremendous amount of time and energy into selecting the best alloys, and establishing relationships with vendors around the world to source the most vibrant gems, and the best-cut diamonds.

There is undoubtedly a much smaller number of companies picking their materials based off of quality over mere price-point. But we aren't the only ones with access.


Where the big difference becomes apparent is in seeing how it works.

In the case of the jewelry business, that means how the piece wears over time: How it lasts.

A great number of manufacturers produce pretty pieces in acceptably nice materials, but with shockingly minimal focus on longevity.

The philosophy is to cut costs and improve production times for the factory. They let the retailer sell a service warranty and collect on repairs. Put more bluntly, this is the "you bought it, you deal with it" school of thought.

It's a total lack of prioritizing integrity and the customer experience over the almighty dollar.


This is where companies like ours have the opportunity to shine.

We talk so much about responsible sourcing in this industry, but the conversation rarely moves past the raw materials. Environmental and humanitarian concerns are hugely important, but that isn't where the conversations should stop.

You are also responsible for your ethics, your reputation, and your legacy.

If you build your jewelry, you are responsible for building pieces the way they should be built. If you buy it, you are responsible for curating inventory from like-minded companies.

We have the opportunity to forge relationships with our customers that outlast the distance from the cash register to the parking lot, and to create and sell pieces that will last generations.

Why choose a company like mine over one of the other countless options in the marketplace? Because we believe design doesn't stop at just looking pretty.

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